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Washington. Baiting when it comes down to reason for shopping Deer or Elk

Friday, December 31st 2021.

Washington. Baiting when it comes down to reason for shopping Deer or Elk

Arizona Searching Cougar Standard Times

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  • General Tips
    • Hunter & Trapper Studies
    • Constant Wasting Disorder (CWD)
    • Looking Accessibility & Closures
    • Looking Accessibility on Private Countries
    • Where To Get Maps
    • DNR Lands
    • Definitions
    • Searching Time
    • Turn in a Poacher (TIP) Program
    • Submit a Poacher (Suggestion) Trailer
    • State Adventures Countries & Water Accessibility Sites
    • Treponeme-Associated Hoof Ailments (TAHD) in Elk
    • Arizona Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Permits, Licenses & Charge
    • Licenses, Tags & Permit Charge
    • License Suggestions & Demands
    • Deer Unique Permits
    • Elk Particular Permits
    • Bighorn Sheep Specialized Permits
    • Mountain Goat Important Permits
    • Turkey Specialized Permits
    • Moose Certain Permits
    • Special License Software Guidance
    • Raffle License Hunts
  • Shopping Regulations
    • Compulsory Huntsman Revealing
    • Violations & Charges
    • Products & Shopping Methods
    • Market Conduct Formula on WDFW Countries
    • Hunters Rule of Make
    • Restricted Hunting Techniques
    • Tagging & Carrying Video Game
    • People with handicaps
    • Tribal Hunting
    • Deer Standard Information
    • Deer Antler Aim Diagrams
    • Elk General Details
    • Elk Antler Aim Diagrams
    • Baiting when it comes down to reason for shopping Deer or Elk
    • Dark Keep
    • Kinds Identification
    • WDFW Check Channels
  • Times & Limits
    • Deer General Conditions
    • Elk Standard Months
    • Cougar General Times
  • Management Places
    • Video Game Management Models
    • Deer Locations
    • Elk Avenues
    • Hill Goat Hunt Segments
    • Bighorn Sheep Models
    • Moose Places
    • Collaborative Highway Control Avenues
    • Firearm Regulation Places
    • Private Countries Accessibility Regimen
  • PDF Packages
    • Victory Your Perfect Search
    • Corrections to laws
    • Moose Hunt Markets Map
    • Bighorn Sheep Products Maps
    • Mountain Goat Quest Avenues Map
    • Elk Markets Maps
    • 2022 Multi-Season Allows
    • Deer Avenues Maps
    • Game Management Devices PDF
    • Comprehensive Pamphlet 24MB

Cougar General Months

General Seasons:

  • Very early searching season: Sept. 1-Dec. 31
  • Late searching season: Jan. 1-Apr. 30 or once the harvest standard is actually reached, whichever starts initial. A legitimate 2022-23 cougar license/tag is required to search cougar in April 2022. (WAC 220-415-100)

Notice: the shopping license season closes March 31st. Hunters intending to hunt during April 2022 must-have a legitimate cougar license/tag for the 2022-2023 period.

HUNTER SPECIFICATIONS, Essential Revealing and Conceal Sealing

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  1. Beginning in the Late month which initiate January 1, 2022, all successful cougar hunters are required to document their own pick for the Cougar Hotline at: 1-866-364-4868 within 72-hours (press 3 after greeting).
  2. Throughout both beginning & Late searching conditions, all hunters need to have their own harvested cougar (unfrozen cover and skull) covered by WDFW within 5 days of the eliminate (be sure to create evidence of sex connected). The skull and keep hidden (both non-frozen) must certanly be recommended so teeth and biological trials is used.
  3. All hunters also needs to document her cougar looking task for Early and later part of the hunting seasons in the open system.
  4. Nobody may have an unbarred WDFW cougar seal unless this has been cut by a licensed taxidermist or fur supplier who may have got and invoiced the pelt for handling. (WAC 220-415-050).

License/Tag Required:

A valid big games permit, which includes cougar as a kinds solution.

ATTENTION – A valid 2022-23 cougar license/tag must search cougar in April 2022.

Bag Limit:

One cougar per licenses seasons.

Shopping Strategies:

Hunters can use any legal tool for shopping cougar. The application of dogs for leisurely searching of cougar are prohibited statewide.

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