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Thanks for visiting whatever it is. Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Transport Edition (Part 1)

Monday, December 27th 2021.

Thanks for visiting whatever it is. Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Transport Edition (Part 1)


Hello! I’m Nat, a 22 year old with she/her pronouns. My interests add sobbing in public places being on tumblr in the place of sleeping. Ace lesbian.

That great terumob content!

(fics for pairing of Teruki Hanazawa/Shigeo Kageyama)

These are all for either teenager and up or common viewers.

In the event that you feel like you will find a-work that belongs on this subject number that will ben’t upon it, please let me know. If there a is operate that requires non-con kindly inform me because then it does not belong with this number. If you have a work on this subject number that makes your uncomfortable unconditionally, kindly inform me and I’ll to take wax off record.

I’m passionate since there are several really works here from my mutuals. Offering gutter-girl-100, unluckyships, prettypistachio, and a lot of different big article writers.

*Some of authors in this post are not very well recognized, nonetheless they put plenty hard work within their fics. If you review a fic which you don’t envision gets sufficient prefer, kindly leave limited feedback for creator. It’ll make their day.

Thanks a lot, appreciate!

Teru happens bicycling with Mob, Ritsu, and Shou. (lowkey terumob)

How Mob was able to genuinely believe that every little thing the blond boy do is platonic, Teru didn’t know.All he know at present is that their stomach was actually high in lasagna, his wallet had been about edge of being vacant, hence Mob searched quite incredible during the lighting effects on the sundown.

Shigeo asks Teruki to assist him write one letter.

“Then, i believe, we probably perform like you.”

“Are your doing, Kageyama-kun?“

Fitness Center bien au. Merely guys being dudes. Weight lifting, keeping arms, dropping in love,

Teen and Up Visitors

Teruki and Mob would wish to assert that they’re merely good friends. Little more. Ritsu want to differ. Shou would like to disagree. Your whole pupil body of sodium and Black Vinegar secondary school matched would wish to differ. (Debatable terumob? May be platonic. Regardless, most attractive.)

“Teruki are embarrassed, flustered by his or her own unexpected confession, mortified within brashness of their softly puckered mouth, tilting towards the someone the guy cherishes a lot more than the guy actually considered possible.”

Teru and Mob, seated closely, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

a coach, bathed in yellows, the comfortable rattle of metal, and a previously gentler look. Teru understood it was best, beside him

Spirits And These types of assessment Office provides enchanting advice to stressed youngsters and curse lifting for the exact same costs – there’s little difference between those two in the end.

After a sleepover at Teru’s apartment Mob and Teru decide to render morning meal along.

There’s laughs, a huge amount of blushing, and merely good wholesome TeruMob.

Brief snapshots of a life. Teruki Hanazawa locates himself a tad too not anyone which he was, and a tad too timid of the person he’d like to be.

Teen or more Visitors

During one of his true bike touring trips, Teru stumbles upon somewhere from his last.

Teru will get input his spot.

Teru seems the pain of eliminate plus it sets your lower, adore it always does. Just what he doesn’t count on is actually for Mob to proper care adequate to started to their aid. Revelations were got in addition to two be closer than either got ever before thought feasible…

“Nii-san, what’s incorrect? You Appear stressed.”

“What makes you claim that?” Mob questioned monotonously while he continuing melting in to the sofa.

Snowed-in till the following early morning, Mob and Teru express a moment in time in the exact middle of the night time.

It doesn’t matter exactly what profile or color your own feeling as an esper is actually, Mob realised, it’s all the same in the end whenever that unique person helps make your own loop loop & dive.

Teru and Tome making a choice.

Child or more Visitors

Mob’s having problems with Math so Teruki proposes he can let! Kind of.

As he said dinner day, he was thought anything a tad bit more intimate. Like possibly wonderful candle lights, dim bulbs, costly steak. But he might work with this specific. The guy can perhaps work with Mcdonalds.

Teru keeps a sleepover at Mob’s residence. Everything is going big till both children subside your night.

Mob has exploded. Teru is stressed for his center.

Child or over Readers

Mob and Teru on a romantic date. Mob stims. Teru headaches.

The garden increases.

One child was already adequate to manage, but Reigen couldn’t just disregard this.

Mob asks Teru to show him just how to play the ukulele.

Mobil Terbaru

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